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WT - Branches by Month - 2021

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Core and Elective Steps per branch are planned by Trail Guides per meeting.  Guidance and help for each type of step can be found in the:  TLUSA Branch Planning Guides



  • Aug 25 - Court of Honor


  • Sep 01 - Sports and Fitness Branch
  • Sep 08 - Sports and Fitness Branch 
  • Sep 12 - Sat HTT - 2020 Worth Derby Make Up?
  • Sep 15 - Sports and Fitness Branch
  • Sep 22 - Outdoor Skills Branch
  • Sep 29 - Outdoor Skills Branch



  • Oct 06 - Outdoor Skills Branch
  • Oct 10 - Sat. Hit the Trail
  • Oct 13 - Outdoor Skills Branch
  • Oct 20 - Life Skills Branch
  • Oct 27 - Life Skills Branch  



  • Nov 03 - Life Skills Branch
  • Nov 10 - Life Skills Branch
  • Nov 14 - Sat. Hit the Trail   
  • Nov 17 - Court of Honor!
  • Nov 24 - December Break!


  • December Break!  






  • Jan 05 - Return from Break!
    • Values Branch 
  • Jan 09 - Sat. Hit the Trail   
  • Jan 12 - Values Branch  
  • Jan 19 - Values Branch
  • Jan 26 - Values Branch





Introduce Worthy Derby 


  • Feb 02 - Hobbies and/or Sci + Tech Branch
  • Feb 09 - Hobbies and/or Sci + Tech Branch
  • Feb 13 - Sat. Hit the Trail   
  • Feb 16 - Hobbies or Sci + Tech Branch
  • Feb 23 - Hobbies or Sci + Tech Branch


  • Mar 02 - Hobbies or Sci + Tech 
  • Mar 09 - Hobbies or Sci + Tech 
  • Mar 13 - Sat. Worth Derby Race Day!
  • Mar 16 - Hobbies or Sci + Tech Branch
  • Mar 23 - Heritage Branch
  • Mar 30 - Heritage Branch
  • Apr 06 - Off - Spring Break?
  • Apr 10 - Sat. Hit the Trail   
  • Apr 13 - Heritage Branch
  • Apr 20 - Heritage Branch
  • Apr 27 - Trail Guide's Choice


  • May 04 - Trail Guide's Choice
  • May 08 - Sat. Hit the Trail  
  • May 11 - Trail Guide's Choice
  • May 18 - No WT Meeting
  • May 25 - Court of Honor! (TBD)



  • Start Summer Break!


  • Summer Break!



This is a general schedule meant to help us organize.  It's helpful for each patrol to follow the same branch schedule because of Hit the Trail opportunities which are intended to align with the month, as well as cross-patrol collaboration.  We all know that No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.  :-)  Troop plans often change and therefore these dates will likely change.  



  • In general, always try to go outside with your patrol, but we know that isn't possible every week.  We try to work on "outdoors type" branches when the weather is nice, "indoors type" when it's not.  
  • The goal is to complete one pass through all branches per year. This allows either the initial Branch or Sylvan Star work to be completed each year, which potentially enables a Trailman who attends a patrol for two years to earn their Forest Award and all Sylvan Stars before aging up to a new patrol. 
    • According to the calendar, some steps will need to be doubled up, because we've devoted three weeks for four or five steps.  Some steps in branches do lend themselves to easy double-step work.  


Trail Guide's Choice (see below) - We've found it's helpful to have a few weeks intentionally set aside to fill in the branch gaps your Trailmen may have as we prepare for Court of Honor in Nov/May.  

  • Trail guides always have the option to run an audible on your patrol's branch work if needed.  
  • Feel free to fill in any Hit the Trail branch gaps with whatever Hit the Trail activities are performed - especially for events already completed or near our final Court of Honor in May.  For ex.  If a Trailman completes a Sci. and Tech themed HTT, but if they've completed that already and need a HTT to complete a different branch, go ahead and record the HTT against the other branch.
  • HTT activities do NOT count for missing steps, that's the job of the Family at Home activities.


Worthy Derby: (Info Here: Worthy Derby)

  • Cover both the Hobbies and Science and Tech branches during these weeks as fits your schedule.
  • Prior to the Hobbies or Sci. and Tech. work, some minor portion of each Tuesday will be devoted to a brief ALL WOODLAND TRAIL group time to discuss "How To's" and manage car materials purchase and handouts.  
  • Count the actual Race Day as a Hit the Trail event. 
  • Check with dads and also count any time spent building the car as an additional single Hit the Trail for Hobbies or Sci. and Tech. 


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