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Fuel Reimbursement Policy

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Reimbursement policy applies:


  • WHEN the trip is greater than 75 miles one way.

  • IS COLLECTED SO THAT payment by each participating youth and/or adult contributes equally to the full amount of the trip's fuel cost.
  • and is DISTRIBUTED ONLY TO drivers transporting participants per the trip's group schedule (i.e. only drivers "in the pattern", which for example is typically departure on Friday at 6pm and return on Sunday at 12noon}. 




  • In preparation for the trip and if its distance traveled triggers the fuel reimbursement policy, the Program Director and/or Campmaster estimates the fuel cost for trip. These costs are included into the overall campout cost estimate which is used to determine the cost per person for the trip.
    • Typically this total fuel estimate will use the total round-trip mileage multiplied by a rate per-mile and the number of drivers needed (see example below). Note that other methods may be used but should be reviewed in advance with the Program Director, Troopmaster, Treasurer, and/or Committee Chairman.
    • The driver of the vehicle that pulls the trailer is to be reimbursed at twice (2x) the reimbursement per-driver rate to compensate for the affects of pulling the trailer.  
  • After the campout, reimbursements for each driver will be computed using either the pre-trip estimates or be based upon the final net income for the trip.  That is to say, payment of the fuel reimbursements are not to cause the trip's net balance to be negative. This determination is the responsibility of the Program Director and/or Campmaster with counsel of the Troopmaster, Treasurer, and/or Committee Chairman. 
  • These fuel reimbursements will be issued to the Drivers by the Treasurer upon notification by the Campmaster and/or Program Director after completion of the campout financial summary (within 30 days of campout). (ie. drivers need not request reimbursement nor complete any paperwork)


For example:


  • For a campout that is 75 miles drive one way, the increase in fee per camper (youth & adult) would be about $7.00.
    • This calculation uses 48 campers which would ride in eight(8) vehicles (6 people per vehicle average) with one(1) pulling the Troop cargo trailer and a reimbursement rate of $.25/mile.  As example, for 24 campers, this would increase to $7.75 per camper.
    • This fee calculation is the maximum allowed per Troop policy (that is $.25/mile for each driver) and used for estimating the campout costs. After the campout, the actual expenses, income, and participation are calculated and may result in more or less funds available than originally estimated. In any case, the amount distributed for fuel reimbursement is determined by the Campmaster using these actuals available.




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