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Requirements Key:


Note: When identifying resources, be sure to give credit on the page containing the information, or within the table below.


Req. Sub. Description: 

Trail Life Handbook

(First Printing)

Trail Life Handbook

(Second Printing)

1.  Explain how to be a good steward and to observe the low impact camping method.

pp. 139-142

pg. 163 

pp. 115-118

pg. 139

The Trailman's Oath:  We will "do our best to.. be a good steward of creation."


As stewards of God's creation, we endeavor to enjoy the land without disturbing or destroying it.  We should practice Low-Impact Camping:  

  • Pack in only what is necessary,
  • Stay on the trails
  • Leave no trace
  • Practice fire safety
  • Dispose of water and wastes properly
  • Seek to leave an area cleaner than when we arrived 
2.  With your troop, unit, patrol or another group of youth, complete the following activities:       
a. At a camping area, explain where the best place to pitch a tent would be and why  pg. 161  pg. 137   
  b. With a buddy or by yourself, correctly pitch a tent.     Trailmen Demonstrate - Follow the instructions for the tent using requirement 2a.
  c. Take the tent down, correctly fold it, and pack it away.     Trailmen Demonstrate.  Adult leader should demonstrate first.  Explain how the tent should not be re-stuffed in the bag, re-setup at home, cleaned and dried out at home before final repacking and storage.  This relates to requirement 2d.
  d. Explain the proper care for tents. pp. 161-162 pp. 137-138


  e. Correctly pitch a dining fly, tarp or other type of covering.    

Trailmen Demonstrate

3. Camping equipment      
  a. Make a list of personal equipment you should pack on a weekend camping trip for hot, cold, and rainy weather.    
  b. Demonstrate on a camping trip that you have packed all your equipment from your list.     Trailmen Demonstrate 
4. Wilderness sanitation      
  a. Demonstrate how to dig and cover a proper cat hole for backwoods human excrement disposal using a small or backpacking shovel.    
  b. Explain proper disposal methods for toilet paper for your local wilderness area(s).    
5. Spend at least 15 nights camping in a tent or under the stars and participate in assigned cooking, cleanup, and other camping related activities.     Trailmen keep camping log in their handbook.  










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