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Requirements Key:


First Aid has three sections.  Click the links below to review the materials for the requirements in the given section. 


Requirements Link 
1 and 2  CPR, usage of the Automated External Defibrulator, and Choking
3 through 10  Basic First Aid 
11 through 18 Basic First Aid - TLUSA Addendum


Meeting Activities:


Note: No more than 6 meetings are available in the two month training period.  Activities should revolve around the Trail man's need to demo as possible.  Encourage gaming and competition when possible. 


Whenever the opportunity presents itself, schedule both the CPR-AED and Basic First Aid classes.  These are too long and cannot be conducted during troop meeting.  These will likely occur rarely, but after that the skills can be practiced during troop time.  Otherwise, we'll follow the self-study approaches during program time.


Whenever demoing, use a "victim" and small groups if possible.  


  • Demonstrate preparation and explain contents of a home first-aid kit
  • Demonstrate preparation and explain contents of a hiking and wilderness trip first-aid kit.  Explain the difference between one that might be prepared for a campout.
  • Talk about an AED.  Find the building's AED, but conduct the research by letting the boys figure it out with minimal help from the adults.  This is game... but not.  Explain courtesy when interacting with adults. 
  • Talk about poisonous plants treatment - only one in Georgia, but lots of it.  Poison ivy.
  • Explain and demo Basic First Aid 4 - 10 and Trail Life Addendum 11 - 18.


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