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Patrols, JPL history, JPL eligibility (redirected from Patrols and JPL history)

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JPL eligibility

  • No back-to-back JPL terms, unless no one else is running for JPL
  • Open question: Can someone run for JPL having previously served, if there is another candidate that has never served in the role?  
  • No other restrictions on serving as JPL.  If a candidate wants to serve as JPL to meet a leadership requirement, they can state that as a reason to be considered by their fellow Trailmen


June election for Fall 2020

Spartans = Jacob Redd

Trailblazers = Daniel Cooksey

TBD (6th grade) patrol = TBD


Spring 2020

Spartans = Samuel Wolthuis

Trailblazers = Caleb Mao

Disciples = Claxton Jobmann


Fall 2019

Spartans = Tate Bryant

Trailblazers = Nicholas Brooks

Disciples = Fisher Bryant


Spring 2019

Trail Trackers = Davis Rosser

Cougars = Fisher Bryant


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